Welcome to our Maine Coon cattery.

Tender giants and best friends in the world. 
We are members of CFA and TICA.
Our cats live with us at home, or perhaps we live with them?
Who knows... 
But one thing is certain, we are doing everything to make it comfy and entertaining to live with us.
For now we have 5 cats : 4 Maine Coons and 1 pet, which is very skilful at making himself look like a Norwegian forest cat.
Our cats are fed with a balanced food matrix from Bosh Sanabelle.
Due to the fact that Coons are quite large species, they require quality food to keep their muscles, bones and furr in top shape. Also we are providing them with regular high quality veal. Before feeding it to the cats, the meat is put into deep freeze for 3 days to kill all infections, after which is defrosted without any accelerators. Otherwise the meat loses its taste qualities and the cats refuse to eat it.
They are always hungry and always want more, however we keep their diet in shape. Any spices or salt are poisonous to them.
Unfortunately there's alot of fur falling from the pets, however it's nothing that a vacuum cleaner, mop and a sticky tape roller can't handle. It's preferable to buy clothes made from smooth, anti-static fabric.
Welcome, be our guests and feel like home!


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