Hermione PP De Garcia

Born: 07.03.2012
Color: Blue silver blotched tabby & blanc

Hermione is the main star of our cattery.
She is an excelent example of a polydactile Maine Coon. She has 6 fingers on each paw. The only one in Bulgaria and the Balkans.
Born in south France, Hermione behaves like a real french from the age of Coco Chanel and Edit Piaf. Unafraid of anything, she demands personal attention and care. Unusual tread in the 3rd ballet position with permanently curved to the sky squirrely tail gives her a unique charm. 
Turned out she loves chocolate. Naturally we don't give her any but what french goes without chocolate?
Nickname Lappee.

Hermione, 1 year
Hermione, 1,5 years
Hermione & Dino
Hermione, 1 year
Created by Blackwater Studio