Zeitgeists Anna Lee

Born: 24.04.2012
Color: Black Tortie

Anna lee - the most misterous example in our home. Rich dark-red color and exceptionally splendour tail. Loves to climb the most unusual places.
The fridge is the last place she hasn't visited yet. 
She adores little objects like screws and wires from the work place.
Sometimes she jumps after an imaginary target on the wall reaching a height of 1,5 - 2 meters.
Makes funny grunts when she eats or is very curious about something.
Resents being taken in hands and basically hates it.
Nickname Leesha

Zeitgeists Anna Lee, 2 years
Zeitgeists Anna Lee, 2 years, 7 kg
Zeitgeists Anna Lee,1 year
Zeitgeists Anna Lee, 3 month
Created by Blackwater Studio