BG*Flowingsounds Deneb

Born: 12.04.2012
Color: Red Silver Tabby Blotched
EMC MCO ds 22, gr.7

The pride leader - Deneb
Very tender and sensual cat with wonderful silk fur and soft cream color. 
However as all boys, he is a big monkey. Everything must be tasted and touched without exceptions.
He loves to storm into the bedroom early in the morning, explore the room and after confirming everything is in order, jump into a lap and start cuddle pushing his whiskers into someone's face. All this includes alot of purring, very cool indeed, despite his weight of 7kg. 7kg for now.

Nickname - Gosha

Deneb, 2.5 year
Deneb, 1.5 year
Deneb, 1.5 year
Deneb, 8 month
Created by Blackwater Studio